KiwiSaver Monthly Performance Tables

Monthly performance tables for over 1000 funds available for investment in New Zealand.

Below we have included excerpts of the KiwiSaver universe of funds we survey as at 30 April 2021 .

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KiwiSaver Currency - New Zealand Dollar Fund

New Zealand Dollar Funds invest the majority of their assets in money market instruments that are denominated or hedged in New Zealand Dollar.

NZ KiwiSaver: Currency - New Zealand Dollar1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver Cash0.032/130.080.312/131.321.661.5696.11✪✪✪
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Cash Plus0.032/130.120.628/131.611.871.517.67✪✪✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Cash0.041/130.120.636/131.621.881.4757.15✪✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Cash Plus0.032/130.120.636/131.571.81.4561.95✪✪✪✪
Aon KiwiSaver ANZ Cash-0.0112/13-0.040.0613/131.091.3915.835.48✪✪
Aon KiwiSaver Nikko Cash-0.0112/13-0.010.569/131.321.6914.952.28
ASB KiwiSaver Schemes NZ Cash0.028/130.080.3111/✪✪
BNZ KiwiSaver Cash0.028/130.040.4210/131.541.921.21234.59✪✪✪
Fisher TWO KiwiSaver Preservation0.028/130.040.734/131.521.853015.9431.16✪✪
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Cash0.028/130.110.932/131.852.21306.2✪✪✪✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Cash26.82
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme NZ Cash0.032/130.10.941/131.911.062.14✪✪✪
Summer New Zealand Cash5.74
SuperLife NZ Cash0.032/130.220.833/131.822.11615.92✪✪✪
Westpac KiwiSaver Cash0.032/130.10.715/131.491.791.46484.92✪✪✪✪✪
NZ KiwiSaver: Currency - New Zealand Dollar Total Sector Average0.010.070.511.371.61

KiwiSaver Diversified Balanced Fund

Diversified Balanced Funds invest in a mixture of asset classes but with the proportion invested in each being approximately the same.

NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Balanced1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver ANZ Balanced Plus2.881/40521.419/4010.939.812.76321.49✪✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver ASB Balanced1.9520/402.1516.2926/408.541.4335.92✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Balanced2.0217/403.3916.5125/408.148.252.151095.51
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Moderate Balanced1.725/402.4313.2133/407.167.152.05830.12✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Mercer Balanced2.1212/403.1716.8722/408.467.962.3360.74✪✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Nikko Balanced2.733/401.0428.031/408.748.772.4102.1
AMP KiwiSaver Responsible Investment Balanced1.9918/405.1520.4710/408.751.4321.57
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Balanced2.0715/404.4216.8820/408.617.782.23217.95✪✪✪
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Balanced Growth2.574/406.1722.185/409.979.32.35229.24✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Balanced2.0813/404.4216.8820/408.617.82.333071.21✪✪✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Balanced Growth2.574/406.1622.185/409.989.292.492742.2✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Conservative Balanced1.626/402.811.8337/407.216.312.151502.17✪✪✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Balanced2.0813/404.4216.8919/408.637.832.36680.41✪✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Conservative Balanced1.626/402.811.8337/407.226.332.18233.2✪✪✪✪✪
Aon KiwiSaver ANZ Balanced2.368/405.5120.1612/408.998.0632.7538.01✪✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints 20250.8640/400.9110.839/406.626.7211.124.42✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints 20351.2632/402.8316.5524/408.268.5511.6728.16✪✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints Balanced1.4430/403.6318.8914/408.89912.25240.57✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints Moderate1.0437/401.6413.0434/407.327.1912.0231✪✪✪
ASB KiwiSaver Schemes Balanced1.5428/402.716.7423/408.478.632.42475.36✪✪
BNZ KiwiSaver Balanced1.4430/402.7114.2730/408.438.531.89634.29✪✪✪✪
BNZ KiwiSaver Moderate1.0238/401.439.4140/406.646.811.69679.81✪✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Balanced1.8122/403.3615.9427/408.998.372.26634.99✪✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Socially Responsible Investment Balanced1.9619/403.2615.6828/4010.058.961.78162.14✪✪✪✪✪
CareSaver Balanced1.1735/402.7921.428/401.2121.48
Fisher TWO Kiwisaver Balanced2.0416/404.6118.2216/4010.219.136657.771103.85✪✪✪✪✪
JUNO Balanced2.752/404.9127.242/401.450.95
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Balanced2.2710/40518.1817/408.958.88✪✪✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Balanced1.8721/403.517.4318/407.77.95510.57✪✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Growth2.299/405.2323.773/409.169.75166.57
Milford KiwiSaver Balanced2.467/405.1621.667/4010.179.812.9621.14✪✪✪✪
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme Balanced2.516/401.0320.4411/408.821.292.5
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Balanced1.0636/404.5513.2332/407.247.292.23281.87✪✪✪
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Socially Responsible Investment1.0139/404.3112.6235/407.176.92.1756.44✪✪
Simplicity KiwiSaver Balanced1.4829/402.2314.6529/409.261.44330.48✪✪✪✪
Summer Balanced Selection1.234/402.3113.3331/408.371.42119.38✪✪✪
SuperLife Balanced1.7124/403.1619.7313/408.297.842721.2
SuperLife Ethica2.2511/404.0422.84/4010.968.362887.26✪✪✪
Westpac KiwiSaver Balanced1.7423/402.8818.4415/408.888.522.31960.76✪✪✪
Westpac KiwiSaver Moderate1.2632/401.5112.1536/406.966.51.54764.89✪✪✪✪
NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Balanced Total Sector Average1.582.917.158.397.89

KiwiSaver Diversified Defensive Fund

Diversified Defensive Funds invest in a mixture of asset classes but with the greater proportion of assets being invested in fixed interest securities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Defensive1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver AMP Default0.8824/390.856.0132/394.74.751.891315.77✪✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver ANZ Conservative1.2410/390.586.6226/396.21.2525.08✪✪✪✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver ASB Moderate1.444/390.629.4811/396.171.2923.54
AMP KiwiSaver Income Generator1.851/390.8212.21/397.741.325.03
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Conservative1.1811/390.986.7724/395.274.982.03441.83✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Moderate1.53/391.8310.237/396.36.212.04627.35✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Nikko AM Conservative1.377/39-0.0310.038/396.481.338.49✪✪
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Conservative1.0618/391.16.4330/395.995.112.031212.92✪✪✪✪✪
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Conservative Balanced1.62/392.811.823/397.216.32.1288.1✪✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Conservative1.0916/3916.5729/395.634.761.961249.02✪✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Conservative1.0916/3916.5828/395.654.791.99503.07✪✪✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints 20150.6731/39-0.057.6520/395.675.3910.924.84
Aon Russell LifePoints Conservative0.6731/39-0.057.6321/395.685.3911.4379.57
ASB KiwiSaver Schemes Conservative (default)0.6829/39-0.094.8935/395.014.842.044118.07✪✪✪
ASB KiwiSaver Schemes Moderate1.1712/390.839.6410/396.226.282.212246.63✪✪
BNZ KiwiSaver Conservative (Default)0.5933/390.024.236/394.254.631.48913.28✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Capital Guaranteed61.41
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Default Saver0.6829/390.385.5933/395.24.881.42121.63✪✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Moderate1.1513/391.28.3614/396.435.782.03216.76✪✪✪
CareSaver Conservative0.4736/390.887.8316/391.16.56
Fisher KiwiSaver Conservative1.1214/391.677.817/396.235.461.891046.26✪✪✪✪✪
Fisher TWO KiwiSaver Cash Enhanced1.0618/391.47.5222/395.935.372.05719.28✪✪✪✪✪
Fisher TWO KiwiSaver Conservative1.1115/391.648.0915/396.195.652.14178.52✪✪✪✪✪
Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Conservative1.0420/390.8810.615/397.616.091.61477.06✪✪✪✪
JUNO Conservative1.377/391.8212.132/391.1916.58
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver CashPlus0.1838/39-0.76-0.0238/392.22.39124.45✪✪✪
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Conservative1.444/391.719.1112/396.465.74958.49✪✪✪
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Default0.7926/391.156.231/395.215.38334.35✪✪✪✪
Lifestages Kiwisaver Capital Stable0.4935/391.487.7618/394.294.113.29121.46✪✪
Lifestages Kiwisaver Income0.1339/39-1.35-0.539/392.662.281.14129.47✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Conservative0.8425/39-0.065.4334/394.654.691194.38✪✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Moderate1.396/391.8711.064/395.996.04183.39✪✪
Milford KiwiSaver Conservative0.9222/390.888.6313/395.96.091.98169.43✪✪✪✪
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme Conservative1.369/39010.029/396.621.210.54✪✪
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Conservative0.5534/391.026.5927/395.025.11.97125.04✪✪✪✪
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Income0.4137/390.196.7923/3954.991.21293.87✪✪✪
Simplicity KiwiSaver Conservative0.7227/39-0.723.8337/395.921.26128.34✪✪✪
SuperLife Conservative1.0321/390.9810.556/396.285.861896.19
Westpac KiwiSaver Conservative0.923/390.527.6919/395.495.121.962979.77✪✪✪
Westpac KiwiSaver Default0.7227/390.396.7425/395.224.861.41348.32✪✪✪✪
NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Defensive Total Sector Average0.80.387.485.234.79

KiwiSaver Diversified Flexible Fund

Diversified Flexible Funds invest in a mixture of asset classes but continually change the assets that their greater proportion of assets will be invested in.

NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Flexible1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver Global Multi-Asset1.541/22.2611.671/23.591.2211.34
BNZ KiwiSaver First Home Buyer0.372/20.323.392/23.343.761.23220.16
NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Flexible Total Sector Average0.951.658.83.54.29

KiwiSaver Diversified Growth Fund

Diversified Growth Funds invest in a mixture of asset classes. Such a mix will generally include two or more of - equities, fixed interest securities, property, hedge funds and structured products, as well as cash.  They will generally target a larger percentage of exposure towards equities investing a minimum of 60% of assets within equities and the remainder in a combination of fixed interest securities, property, hedge funds and structured products.

NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Growth1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver ANZ Growth3.385/356.5326.5714/3511.81.641.96✪✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver ASB Growth2.5618/353.922.2928/359.831.5431.75✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Aggressive2.6813/355.4825.0221/3510.0510.772.12507.11
AMP KiwiSaver Lifesteps AMP Growth2.4820/354.7822.5726/359.6610.082.14890.83✪✪
AMP KiwiSaver Nikko AM Growth3.822/352.1627.511/3510.641.5940.55
ANZ Default KiwiSaver Growth3.089/358.127.989/3511.2310.672.45214.67✪✪
ANZ Kiwisaver Growth3.0710/358.0827.9710/3511.2410.692.634010✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer KiwiSaver Balanced Growth2.5817/356.1822.1929/359.999.322.53592.52✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Growth3.098/358.1288/3511.2510.722.67528.69✪✪✪
Aon KiwiSaver Milford Active Growth3.44/358.7830.985/3512.6611.994.91196.91✪✪✪✪✪
Aon KiwiSaver Nikko Balanced2.4820/350.8719.934/357.978.223.9512.35
Aon Russell LifePoints 20451.5833/354.4221.532/359.5910.0211.923.99✪✪✪
Aon Russell LifePoints Growth1.7332/355.0723.3523/3510.0110.3212.6960.66✪✪✪
ASB KiwiSaver Schemes Growth2.1426/354.8123.2524/359.7910.342.494047.74✪✪
BNZ KiwiSaver Growth1.8231/354.1319.9133/3510.4510.632.131018.83✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Balanced Growth2.2623/354.7421.9730/3511.1710.442.38452.06✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Geared Growth3.763/358.5538.432/3515.8115.293.32172.31✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme High Growth2.6813/356.1626.7713/3512.1411.642.2535✪✪✪✪
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Socially Responsible Investment High Growth3.0111/356.0126.4916/3514.2412.942.68216.58✪✪✪✪✪
CareSaver Growth1.5234/354.0131.564/351.3450.39
Fisher KiwiSaver Growth2.5119/356.2525.1220/3512.711.782.962784.96✪✪✪✪✪
Fisher TWO KiwiSaver Growth1.8930/355.3422.3427/3510.8810.32.42709.62✪✪✪✪✪
Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Focused Growth2.6715/355.125.5619/3512.7312.392.311317.09✪✪✪✪
Generate KiwiSaver Scheme Growth2.2325/353.3523.0525/3511.9210.892.15988.97✪✪✪✪
JUNO Growth4.381/358.8645.561/351.71385.39
Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Growth2.9512/357.8926.5115/3510.9411.641886.62✪✪✪
Lifestages Kiwisaver High Growth1.9429/356.0926.3817/3510.6310.141.64212.16
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme High Growth2.6316/356.4428.467/3510.4511.2264.85✪✪
Milford KiwiSaver Active Growth3.287/358.830.736/3512.5811.984.932363.03✪✪✪✪✪
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme Growth3.336/351.9527.4812/3510.781.367.91✪✪
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Growth1.235/356.1116.0535/358.148.422.37296.17✪✪✪
Simplicity KiwiSaver Growth2.0328/354.1321.9331/3511.281.621270.59✪✪✪✪
SuperLife Growth2.0927/354.5625.6818/359.038.851873.14
SuperLife High Growth2.4622/355.9132.063/3510.069.852033.44
Westpac KiwiSaver Growth2.2623/354.1224.3222/3510.3710.022.482110.51✪✪✪
NZ KiwiSaver: Diversified Growth Total Sector Average2.335.3126.5210.8610.33

KiwiSaver Equity - Australasia Fund

Equity Australasia Funds invest the majority of their assets in Australian and New Zealand equities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Australasia1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver Australasian Shares1.851/30.5624.271/312.521.638.16
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Australasian Share1.322/3-2.8420.262/315.0213.112.8446.67
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Altum1.083/34.4619.993/37.127.931.7370.01
NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Australasia Total Sector Average1.420.7624.111.9710.82

KiwiSaver Equity - Australia Fund

Equity Australia Funds invest the majority of their assets in Australian equities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Australia1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Australian Equity3.124/89.4627.217/85.827.061.7964.05
Summer Australian Equities2.665/87.0828.866/86.711.45
SuperLife Australian Dividend1.937/83.2126.858/86.245.611195.06
SuperLife Australian Financials1.688/814.1246.551/86.766.251297.02
SuperLife Australian Mid Cap3.743/86.4444.622/810.9812.182148.16
SuperLife Australian Resources3.881/88.0139.883/813.0717.842209
SuperLife Australian Shares3.832/87.6337.044/89.489.41712.27
SuperLife Australian Top 202.176/88.0832.195/810.299.041500.67
NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Australia Total Sector Average2.888.0434.29.889.03

KiwiSaver Equity - Global Fund

Equity Global Funds invest the majority of their assets in global equities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Global1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver International Shares3.376/149.3232.725/1411.161.745.87
AMP KiwiSaver Passive International Shares3.664/149.0731.996/1413.341.838.37✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver International Share2.817/1412.0127.7510/1414.1214.232.8667.49✪✪✪✪
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Sustainable International Share4.521/1412.5729.929/1419.5416.453.1116.98✪✪✪✪✪
Fisher TWO KiwiSaver Equity3.415/148.9735.952/1416.2914.67147.71221.05✪✪✪✪
Mercer KiwiSaver Scheme Shares2.5510/146.5831.927/1411.6812.6342.89✪✪
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme Global Shares3.913/148.5931.548/1418.221.713.71✪✪✪✪✪
QuayStreet KiwiSaver International Equity1.413/1410.1119.4913/1410.3710.642.61353.26✪✪✪
Summer Global Equities1.3514/146.419.2514/1412.141.7623.24✪✪✪
SuperLife Overseas Shares1.4612/148.4222.7712/1410.9810.882310.95
SuperLife Overseas Shares Currency Hedged4.172/1410.1640.971/148.9810.852490.03
SuperLife Total World1.6211/147.3123.6111/1411.6811.541614.16✪✪
Westpac Kiwisaver Capital Protection Plan 42.568/145.2432.744/1413.0412.763.2225.77✪✪✪
Westpac Kiwisaver Capital Protection Plan 52.568/145.2432.773/1413.0512.772.820.9✪✪✪✪
NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Global Total Sector Average2.818.2631.413.1712.84

KiwiSaver Equity - New Zealand Fund

Equity New Zealand Funds invest the majority of their assets in New Zealand equities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - New Zealand1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
QuayStreet KiwiSaver New Zealand Equity1.791/7-1.3720.966/714.9214.153.75160.05
Summer New Zealand Equities1.513/7-1.6921.115/714.251.6918.36
SuperLife NZ Dividend0.794/7-5.97244/711.1191832.36
SuperLife NZ Mid Cap0.785/7-0.3831.261/713.6114.212322.15
SuperLife NZ Shares0.586/7-2.3327.283/713.3911.063438.77
SuperLife NZ Top 101.632/7-5.1113.747/715.3713.172215.72
SuperLife NZ Top 500.586/7-2.329.792/715.414.142327.96
NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - New Zealand Total Sector Average1.1-2.7523.5613.6812.25

KiwiSaver Equity - Regional Fund

Equity Regional Funds invest the majority of their assets in a pre-specified region.

NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Regional1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme Core Equity1.72/4-2.5717.964/410.921.372.09
SuperLife Asia Pacific-2.324/40.9618.033/44.957.851368.96
SuperLife Emerging Markets03/40.35241/45.888.631354.77
SuperLife Europe2.331/48.8721.792/45.36.821009.55
NZ KiwiSaver: Equity - Regional Total Sector Average0.421.9220.397.49.11

KiwiSaver Fixed Int - Global Fund

Fixed Interest Global Funds invest the majority of their assets in global fixed interest securities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Fixed Int - Global1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver International Fixed Interest0.353/6-2.110.045/63.821.121.15
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver International Fixed Interest0.42/6-2.41-0.866/64.092.831.892.58
Summer Global Fixed Interest0.026/6-0.993.252/64.391.121.24
SuperLife Income0.34/6-1.22.314/64.23.871437.31
SuperLife Overseas Bonds0.155/6-0.83.821/64.484.22179.08
SuperLife Overseas Non-Government Bonds0.491/6-2.262.93/64.283.582175.76
NZ KiwiSaver: Fixed Int - Global Total Sector Average0.13-

KiwiSaver Fixed Int - New Zealand Dollar Fund

Fixed Interest New Zealand Funds invest the majority of their assets in New Zealand fixed interest securities.

NZ KiwiSaver: Fixed Int - New Zealand Dollar1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver New Zealand Fixed Interest0.611/6-1.88-2.026/63.981.163.87
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver NZ Fixed Interest0.512/6-1.75-1.285/64.293.541.928.43
Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Enhanced Cash33.78
Forsyth Barr New Zealand Fixed Interest0.413/6-1.021.14/63.631.168.71
Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme NZ Corporate Bond0.354/6-1.431.583/
QuayStreet KiwiSaver Fixed interest0.336/6-0.642.981/63.693.791.43425.65
SuperLife NZ Bonds0.345/6-0.381.82/64.524.252239.16
NZ KiwiSaver: Fixed Int - New Zealand Dollar Total Sector Average0.3-1.190.853.522.98

KiwiSaver Property - Global Fund

Property Global Funds invest the majority of their assets in global property such as physical property as well as property shares.

NZ KiwiSaver: Property - Global1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
AMP KiwiSaver Property3.373/55.9926.354/510.81.347.25
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver International Property5.971/512.2922.335/
Summer Listed Property1.355/5-0.9826.463/513.151.478.91
SuperLife Australian Property1.384/56.1427.851/57.485.211438.43
SuperLife Global Property3.572/57.1227.092/58.946.332007.55
NZ KiwiSaver: Property - Global Total Sector Average3.136.0625.3813.078.99

KiwiSaver Property - New Zealand Fund

Property New Zealand Funds invest the majority of their assets in New Zealand property such as physical property as well as property shares.

NZ KiwiSaver: Property - New Zealand1mRank3m1YrRank3Yr5YrExit PriceFund SizeStar Rating
ANZ OneAnswer Kiwisaver Australasian Property1.521/2-2.1929.831/214.4410.052.6933.19
SuperLife NZ Property1.272/2-3.124.492/215.5810.481799.83
NZ KiwiSaver: Property - New Zealand Total Sector Average1.4-2.7526.9214.419.75

Data and quantitative star ratings displayed sourced from FE Fundinfo

Performance Methodology

Performance is calculated with all figures rounded to four decimal places on an 'Exit to Exit' price basis, assuming investors are long term investors, with all distributions reinvested at ex-distribution prices. statistics are structured so similar type funds are grouped together with an appropriate asset class index. Fund performances are expressed net of fees and gross of tax. All performance returns for periods over one year are annualised.

Star Rating Methodology

Star ratings are a comparison between funds investing in assets with similar characteristics using a return measure that has been adjusted for risk. The star ratings are purely quantitative and use the most recent 36 months of performance data. The funds in a sector are ranked according to their risk-adjusted return. The top and bottom 15% earn 5 stars and 1 star respectively, the next top and bottom 20% earn 4 stars and 2 stars, and the middle 30% earn 3 stars. In this way the variability of performance return is considered. So where two funds in the same sector earn similar returns, but one is more volatile than the other, the more volatile fund is likely to get a lower star rating than the other. Alternatively, where two funds have similar volatility but one earns higher returns than the other, the fund with the higher return is likely to get a higher star rating.

Investment entities with less than a three year history have no rating. Funds in sectors with less than 10 constituents are not rated. Star ratings do not include any qualitative analysis. While it is helpful to consider how volatile a fund has been in the past, it is also important to consider more forward looking qualitative
elements such as analysis of the portfolio manager and the process they use in managing a fund.

Disclaimer: Performance shown is on an after fees, before tax basis, and distributions are assumed to be reinvested. Where available, tax credits are added back into the fund’s unit price for the period specified. Performance returns over one year have been annualized. Australian fund returns are in NZ dollar terms but Australian fund exit prices are in A$ as are fund sizes. The exit price shown is that applicable on the last market day of the month. The standard deviation reflects the volatility of a unit’s price over the previous three years by showing how widely the range of returns for the unit varies for the denoted point in time, but also reflect the fact that the fund manager was not able to send us data in time for the report.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any representation or statement expressed in this document is made in good faith on the basis that Zenith Investment Partners NZ LTD is not able to be liable of such representation or statement. Zenith Investment Partners NZ LTD does not guarantee the accuracy of third-party information used to calculate investment returns. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for detailed advice from a professional financial adviser.

Please note that these reports are intended for New Zealand Wholesale clients only.

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