Fund Awards 2018

A full list of the 2018 award winners and finalists is below:

2018 Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: Nikko Asset Management

Finalist: Bennelong Funds Management

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management

2018 KiwiSaver Manager of the Year

Winner: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: ASB Group Investments

Finalist: Fisher Funds Management

2018 Boutique Manager of the Year

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management

Finalist: Castle Point Funds Management

Finalist: Forsyth Barr Investment Management


2018 FundSource Awards – Longevity Award

Winner: AMP Capital – AMP Capital NZ Short Duration Fund

Finalist: Milford Asset Management – Milford Diversified Income Fund

Finalist: QuayStreet Asset Management – QuayStreet Fixed Interest Fund

2018 FundSource awards – Diversified Sector

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management

Finalist: ANZ Investments

Finalist: ASB Group Investments

2018 FundSource Awards – International Equity Sector

Winner: Harbour Asset Management – Harbour T.Rowe Price Global Equity Growth Fund

Finalist: Fiducian Funds management - Technology Fund

Finalist: Magellan Financial Group – Magellan High Conviction Fund

2018 FundSource Awards – Australasian Equity Sector

Winner: Harbour Asset Management - Australasian Equity Focus Fund - Retail

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management - Australasian Equity Fund - Retail

Finalist: Milford Asset Management - Milford Dynamic Fund

2018 FundSource Awards – Australia Equity Sector

Winner: Spheria Asset Management – Spheria Australian Smaller Companies

Finalist: Bennelong Funds Management – Bennelong Concentrated Australian Equity Fund

Finalist: Bennelong Funds Management – Bennelong ex-20 Australian Equities


2018 FundSource Awards – New Zealand Equity Sector

Winner: Nikko Asset Management – Nikko AM Concentrated Equity Fund

Finalist: Forsyth Barr Investment Management - New Zealand Equities Fund

Finalist: Nikko Asset Management – Nikko Core Equity Fund

2018 FundSource Awards – International Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: AMP Financial Services - AMP Capital Diversified 1 Fund

Finalist: Bentham Asset Management – Bentham Global Income NZD Fund

Finalist: Bentham Asset Management – Bentham Syndicated Loan NZD

2018 FundSource Awards– New Zealand Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: Nikko Asset Management – Nikko AM Income Fund

Finalist: BT Funds Management - Westpac Premium Investment Funds NZ Diversified Bond Fund

Finalist: Forsyth Barr Investment Management – Forsyth Barr Premium Yield Fund

2018 FundSource Awards – Alternatives Sector

Winner: Castle Point Funds Management – Castle Point Ranger Fund

Finalist: Affluence Funds Management – Affluence Investment Fund

Finalist: Bennelong Funds Management – Kardinia Absolute Return Daily

2018 FundSource Awards – International Property Sector

Winner: Resolution Capital – Resolution Capital Global Property Securities Hedged II Fund

Finalist: Fisher Funds Management – Fisher Premium Property & Infrastructure

Finalist: Mercer – Mercer Unlisted Property Portfolio

2018 FundSource Awards– Australasian Property sector

Winner: APN Property Group – APN AREIT

Finalist: AMP Capital – AMP Capital Australasian Property Index

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Property Securities Fund

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