Fund Awards 2016

The 2016 award winners & finalists are:

2016 Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: Fisher Funds

Finalist: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: AMP Capital

2016 KiwiSaver Manager of the Year

Winner: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: Fisher Funds TWO KiwiSaver Scheme

Finalist: ASB

2016 Boutique Manager of the Year

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management

Finalist: Mint Asset Management

Finalist: Pie Funds

FundSource Awards 2016 – Diversified Sector

Winner: ASB Investment Funds

Finalist: ANZ Investment Funds

Finalist: BT Active Funds

FundSource Awards 2016 – New Zealand Equity Sector

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management - QuayStreet New Zealand Equity Fund

Finalist: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Core Equity

Finalist: AMP Services Limited - AMPCI NZ Shares

FundSource Awards 2016 – Australasian Equity Sector

Winner: Pie Funds - Pie Australasian Emerging Companies

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management - Harbour Australasian Equity Retail

Finalist: Mint Asset Management - Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust

FundSource Awards 2016 – Australia Equity Sector

Winner: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds Australian Growth Fund

Finalist: SmartShares - Australian Mid Cap

Finalist: QuayStreet Asset Management - QuayStreet Australian Equity Fund

FundSource Awards 2016 – International Equity Sector

Winner: ASB - ASB Investment Funds World Shares Fund

Finalist: AMP Capital - AMP Capital Core Global Shares

FundSource Awards 2016 –Property Sector

Winner: AMP Capital - AMP Capiital NZ Property sector

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds - Property Securities Fund

Finalist: Mint Asset Management - Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust

FundSource Awards 2016 – New Zealand Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Income

Finalist: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds New Zealand Fixed Income Fund

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds - New Zealand Fixed Interest Fund

FundSource Awards 2016 – International Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds BondPlus Fund

Finalist: Funds Administration NZ - Funds Administration of NZ Lifestages World Bond Portfolio

FundSource Awards 2016 – Alternatives Sector

Winner: Salt Funds Management - Salt Long/Short Fund

Finalist: AMP Capital - AMP Capital Global Multi Asset

Finalist: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Multi Strategy

FundSource Awards 2016 – Longevity Award

Winner: Milford Asset Management - Milford Diversified Income

Finalist: Milford Asset Management - Milford Active Growth

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme - Australasian Property Fund

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